Industrial innovation never sleeps and you won’t stop it. Who don´t follow will never catch it up”

IMVDesign was founded as a high-tech automation company based on long term experiences and requirements for these activities at the European industrial market.

Company is focused for special industrial automation based on robotic applications, laser integration and high accuracy manipulation.

Big benefit for customers is fully equipped warehouse and job shop covered by mother company NHKZ Steel, s.r.o. which gives a full flow of work from design, construction to a final machine delivery. All based under one roof.    

Main areas of IMVDesign activities are focused for machining at the mold plastic industry, high-tech automation at automotive industry and special applications at heavy industry with use of laser and conventional milling technologies.

Company is strongly focused for customer and follows the very last trends which are implemented into technology built by IMVDesign.

Highly experienced engineers who stand by design and construction of machines are “STANDARD” that is must for you.

IMVDesign keeps your company one step ahead before your competitors!


Completed projects

3D laser cutting - KOSTAL CR

A compact robotic cell designed for integration into automated manufacturing process of plastic molding.

The laser marking station

Modular series of laser marking stations based on the basic type with a laser head moving on the vertical axis "Z". The laser cell is designed for marking and engraving, particularly metals, plastics and other materials. 

Modification of the tokamak device

Technological modification of the tokamak device in the Institute of Plasma Physics of the CAS, which serves to the fusion research.

Laser cleaning of surfaces

Sample of testing the laser cleaning of forms in our premises.

3D laser cutting

3D laser cutting is a favorite laser technology suitable for cutting and separation of metallic and other materials. We would like to design, produce and integrate a 3D laser system, not only for metals, in your company.

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  • Complex project consulting
  • Industrial automation
  • Design and integration of unique robotic application
  • Special and dedicated machines
  • Service and after warranty support

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